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Sea Isle offers a wide array of fishing tackle in convenient style-specific categories. Whatever your preference might be - bottom fishing, inshore fishing, offshore fishing, or surf fishing - Sea Isle has the gear to match it!

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Having the right tackle for the right species of fish is essential to the serious angler's success. Sea Isle offers a comprehensive selection of fishing tackle for bluefish fishing, crab fishing, marlin fishing, shark fishing, striped bass fishing, and tuna fishing by a wide range of manufacturers. If you would like additional assistance in selecting the right tackle for the right fish, please feel free to call us toll free at 877-434-7474


Sea Isle carries a comprehensive selection of footwear, foul weather gear and accessories, gloves, hats, shirts, shorts, and sunglasses by Ranger, Servus, Shimano, Xtratuf, Grundens, Old Harbor Outfitters, Hi-Seas, Aftco, and Calcutta.

_Fishing Accessories

Sea Isle carries a wide range of accessories for the angler including hardware, motion sickness remedies, oils and greases, rod holders, scales, hook sharpeners, and safety lines by Wichard, Quease Ease, Old Harbor Outfitters, Penn, Super Lube, E-Z Outrodder, Calcutta, Berkley, Shimano, and Sea Isle.

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Sea Isle's selection of fishing reels is comprehensive and offers the perfect fishing reel for every angler and every circumstance. Sea Isle offers baitcasting reels, big game reels, conventional reels, lever drag reels, and spinning reels by Shimano, Penn, Ambassadeur, and Shakespeare.

Engineering prowess, technical know-how, and attention to detail have always been the hallmark of Shimano. With a reel for every angling need, Shimano's outstanding selection of fishing reels delivers quality, performance, and long-term durability.

Penn offers fishing reels that hold up under severe environmental conditions, while delivering high performance and rugged durability at the same time. The Penn Senator, Penn Spinfisher, Penn Torque, and Penn International series of reels - among many others in Penn's comprehensive lineup - are proven favorites worthy of any angler's attention.

Ambassadeur produces high quality fishing reels well known for their long-term durability, attention to detail, and superior design and performance. Ambassadeur's offerings include the compact Ambassadeur 4600 Fishing Reel on up to the Ambassadeur 10000 Big Game Fishing Reel.

If you're looking for inexpensive Fishing Reels, Sea Isle's line of Shakespeare Fishing Reels includes the Shakespeare Arsenal series of conventional Fishing Reels, and the Shakespeare Alpha Bigwater, Shakespeare Encore Bigwater, and Shakespeare Tidewater SS Spinning Reels, all economically priced.

_Fishing Rods

Sea Isle's assortment of fishing rods caters to the needs of all anglers and includes conventional rods, spinning rods, and big game rods by Shimano and Shakespeare. For the ultimate in Custom Made Fishing Rods, please see Sea Isle Custom Rods.

Shimano is well known for the superb quality and long-term reliability of its incredible fishing reels. Now Shimano brings this same level of excellence to the fishing rod market with its lines of Shimano Clarus fishing rods, Shimano Compre fishing rods, Shimano Tallus fishing rods, Shimano Teramar fishing rods, Shimano Tescata fishing rods, and Shimano Trevala fishing rods.

Tough and durable, Sea Isle's line of Shakespeare Fishing Rods includes the well known series of Shakespeare Sturdy Stik Fishing Rods and Shakespeare Ugly Stik Fishing Rods - economically priced workhorses ready to take on the toughest of fish.

_Fishing Tackle
Finding the perfect Fishing Tackle to fit your needs does not have to be a daunting task when shopping at Sea Isle Tackle. We carry a vast selection of Fishing Tackle from top manufacturers which includes Fishing Tackle Accessories, Fishing Belts, Fishing Lines, Fishing Lures and Fishing Baits.

In addition to our selection of ready to fish tackle, we carry an extensive selection of Fishing Tackle Rigging Supplies for those of you that like to assemble the perfect Fishing Lure or Fishing Rig. Our selection of Fishing Tackle Rigging Supplies includes wide selections of Fishing Hooks, Fishing Leaders and Rigging Supplies such as Beads, Crimps and Loop Protectors.

The Fishing Tackle selection includes Fishing Tackle from all the top manufactures - Aftco, American Fishing Wire, Berkley, Gamakatsu, Hi-Seas, Jinkai, Mustad, Power Pro, Sea Striker, Seaguar, Sevenstrand, Shimano, Spiderwire, Spro, and Yo-Zuri plus many more. With a complete selection of Fishing Tackle from these manufacturers, you are sure to find the high quality and innovative Fishing Tackle that you need at Sea Isle Tackle.

Rod Building Components & Supplies

Rod Building is a time honored tradition enjoyed by all types of fishermen. If you're not an experienced rod builder, you've come to the right place! We have all the Rod Building Supplies that you'll need, including a comprehensive collection of Rod Blanks, Butts and Reel Seats, Grips, Guides and more!

Many fishermen take up Rod Building during the off season. It's a great way to pass the time, stay active in the sport, and craft up a custom, homemade fishing rod in the process. Our Rod Building threads include nylon as well as metallic rod wrapping thread while our Rod Building glues and finishes come from a variety of manufacturers, including Aftco, Flexcoat, Gudebrod, Pacific Bay, and Trondak.

If you need a little education on Rod Building, you'll want to take a peek at our blog. To get you ready for this off season, we've created seveal rod building posts, including: Reasons to Start Rod Building, Common Questions about Rod Building, & Rod Building: Cutting Costs well as several others. We hope you'll find these articles informative and enlightening. Of course, if you have any Rod Building questions or don't see something you need, please let us know!

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