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Finding the perfect Fishing Tackle to fit your needs does not have to be a daunting task when shopping at Sea Isle Tackle. We carry a vast selection of Fishing Tackle from top manufacturers which includes Fishing Tackle Accessories, Fishing Belts, Fishing Lines, Fishing Lures and Fishing Baits.

In addition to our selection of ready to fish tackle, we carry an extensive selection of Fishing Tackle Rigging Supplies for those of you that like to assemble the perfect Fishing Lure or Fishing Rig. Our selection of Fishing Tackle Rigging Supplies includes wide selections of Fishing Hooks, Fishing Leaders and Rigging Supplies such as Beads, Crimps and Loop Protectors.

The Fishing Tackle selection includes Fishing Tackle from all the top manufactures - Aftco, American Fishing Wire, Berkley, Gamakatsu, Hi-Seas, Jinkai, Mustad, Power Pro, Sea Striker, Seaguar, Sevenstrand, Shimano, Spiderwire, Spro, and Yo-Zuri plus many more. With a complete selection of Fishing Tackle from these manufacturers, you are sure to find the high quality and innovative Fishing Tackle that you need at Sea Isle Tackle.


There's nothing worse than reaching for a piece of fishing tackle and not having it, especially after the boat has left the dock. Increase your chances of fishing success by having the right fishing tackle accessories with you at all times.

Bait Traps & Holders

Traps for catching bait and storage containers allow you to catch your bait and keep it alive until the big fishing trip. With the best fishing tackle and freshly caught bait you are guaranteed to have a good day on the water.

Crabbing Supplies

If you have your sights set on doing a little crabbing, you'll need to be sure your fishing tackle includes the right crabbing supplies.

Fighting Belts

Fighting belts are an important element of your offshore fishing tackle arsenal. Fighting belts enable you to apply more pressure to the fish, while applying less pressure to yourself. Make your offshore life easier - be sure your fishing tackle includes a fighting belt.

Fishing Hooks

No fishing tackle box is complete without a proper assortment of hooks, and using the right hook can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Fishing Leader

An important consideration when selecting fishing tackle is choosing the right leader. Sea Isle carries a wide variety of premium mono and flourocarbon leaders to suit any fishing tackle need including American Fishing Wire, Hi-Seas, Seaguar, Jinkai, and Shimano wind-on.

Fishing Line

An important consideration when selecting fishing tackle is choosing the right line. Sea Isle carries a wide variety of premium mono and braided lines to suit any fishing tackle need including Hi-Seas, Spiderwire, Jinkai, Momoi, and Berkley.

Fishing Lures and Baits

Sea Isle is proud to carry a full line of premium fishing lures, rigs, and baits. Stock your fishing tackle box with quality Sevenstrand, Profish, Sea Striker, YoZuri, and Berkley Gulp! lures. Choosing the right lure can mean the difference between success and failure - be sure your fishing tackle includes a wide assortment of sizes, colors, and styles.

Gaffs & Landing Gear

Sea Isle offers a wide selection of gaffs, gaff lines, gaff heads, flying gaffs, hand tailers, tag sticks, and block & tackle from Aftco, Mustad, Sea Isle, and Sea Striker.

Aftco's lineup of high quality, long-lasting Gaffs is comprehensive and includes Aftco's Fiberglass series of gaffs, Aftco's Aluminum series of gaffs, and Aftco's flying gaffs.

When it's time for a new gaff head, Mustad's replacement gaff heads are just what the doctor ordered! Mustad's replacement gaff heads are made from industry-tough steel and offer high-end performance and long-term durability.

Sea Isle has been producing reliable, high quality fishing tackle for almost 50 years, and Sea Isle's brand of gaff lines, hand tailers, and block & tackle are in keeping with this long tradition of Excellence.

Sea Striker offers aluminum gaffs, wood handle gaffs, and hand gaffs. Sea Striker gaffs are serious gaffs for serious fisherman and feature hand-sharpened hooks, high quality materials, and superior Sea Striker workmanship.

Pliers, Knives & Tools

Sea Isle offers the right tool for the job with our complete selection of crimping and twisting tools, cable cutters, pliers, dehookers, lip grips, scales, hook sharpeners, knives, knife sharpeners, and sheaths from American Fishing Wire, Angler's Choice, Arc, Berkley, Calcutta, Dexter, Tournament Cable, Hi-Seas, Old Harbor Outfitters, Profish, Sea Striker, Shimano, and X-Tools.

Rigging Materials

Sea Isle offers a wide array of rigging materials - from crimping sleeves to crimping tools and everything in-between. Don't get caught without - be sure your fishing tackle box is well stocked with spare rigging materials!

Shimano Jigging Systems

Shimano is a leader in innovative fishing tackle and techniques. Shimano has redefined one of the oldest methods for fishing - Jigging. Shimano's Butterfly Jigging System and Lucanus Jigging System allow the angler to catch a wide range of species without having to worry about bringing the appropriate bait for each species. The Shimano Butterfly Jigging System is best suited for large vertical drops and retrieves allowing the angler to cover the entire water column very quickly. While the Shimano Lucanus Jigging System is best suited for bottom species where the jigging action takes place within 30' of the bottom. Each jig shape is specifically designed for the intended purpose - The Shimano Butterfly Jig sinks fast to the bottom and flutters many different ways on the retrieve up depending on your jigging style while the Shimano Lucanus Jig flutters intensely while being jigged up and down from the bottom. Once again Shimano has redefined fishing tackle and these Shimano Jigging Systems are a must try for every angler.

Tackle Boxes & Bags

Whether on the beach or on the boat, it's important to keep your fishing tackle well organized and easily accessible with fishing tackle boxes or bags. Our wide selection of Surf Bags, Tackle Bags, and Tackle Boxes by Shimano, Calcutta, Old Harbor Outfitters, and Plano offers the angler a convenient solution to virtually any tackle storage problem.

Plano's line of tackle boxes is both high in quality and wide in selection. Plano offers tackle boxes and utility boxes to suit the needs of any angler and any circumstance. From single tray to multiple rack systems - Plano has the tackle box that's right for your needs.

Shimano offers surf bags, tackle bags, jig bags, and tackle binders that exhibit the same quality and long-term durability that has become the hallmark of all Shimano products. From tackle binders to surf bags to boat bags, Shimano offers tackle storage solutions to suit the needs of any angler.

Convenient utility box storage is a reality with Calcutta's line of Utility Box Carriers. Calcutta's Utility Box Carriers come in two sizes and feature an open-top design for ease of access. And if you're looking for a way to keep your rigs in order, Calcutta's Jumbo Tackle Binders will keep them neatly organized and ready to go.

Old Harbor Outfitters brings innovation and imagination to the tackle storage market with the incredible Old Harbor Outfitters 100 Fathom Rigging Bag - a complete mobile rigging station. In addition, the Old Harbor Outfitters 100 Fathom Captain's Bag, and Old Harbor Outfitters Canyon Bag offer the fisherman durable, high quality tackle bag options.

Terminal Tackle

Sea Isle offers a wide variety of swivels, rings, and other terminal tackle. Don't get caught without - be sure your fishing tackle box is well stocked with the proper terminal tackle!

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