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Sea Isle's selection of fishing reels is comprehensive and offers the perfect fishing reel for every angler and every circumstance. Sea Isle offers baitcasting reels, big game reels, conventional reels, lever drag reels, and spinning reels by Shimano, Penn, Ambassadeur, and Shakespeare.

Engineering prowess, technical know-how, and attention to detail have always been the hallmark of Shimano. With a reel for every angling need, Shimano's outstanding selection of fishing reels delivers quality, performance, and long-term durability.

Penn offers fishing reels that hold up under severe environmental conditions, while delivering high performance and rugged durability at the same time. The Penn Senator, Penn Spinfisher, Penn Torque, and Penn International series of reels - among many others in Penn's comprehensive lineup - are proven favorites worthy of any angler's attention.

Ambassadeur produces high quality fishing reels well known for their long-term durability, attention to detail, and superior design and performance. Ambassadeur's offerings include the compact Ambassadeur 4600 Fishing Reel on up to the Ambassadeur 10000 Big Game Fishing Reel.

If you're looking for inexpensive Fishing Reels, Sea Isle's line of Shakespeare Fishing Reels includes the Shakespeare Arsenal series of conventional Fishing Reels, and the Shakespeare Alpha Bigwater, Shakespeare Encore Bigwater, and Shakespeare Tidewater SS Spinning Reels, all economically priced.

Baitcasting Reels

Baitcasters are Baitcasting fishing reels and are generally used for heavy fishing applications. Our collection of baitcasters includes Ambassadeur Reels, Penn Reels, and Shimano Reels. Baitcasters work great with a heavy fishing line and have great gearing that lets you put plenty of pressure on a fish while wrestling with him.

Although Baitcasters can be a bit more expensive, they offer great casting control in addition to exact lure placement via spool thumbing. If you're new to Baitcasting Reels, they can be a bit tricky to learn to cast. Fortunately, once mastered, Baitcasters are arguably some of the most fun fishing reels to cast.

If a Baitcasting Reel isn't you're style, we have tons of other fishing reels that are sure to meet any style of fishing, specifically saltwater fishing. Our collection of Saltwater Fishing Reels is truly immense and we are sure you'll find a Fishing Reel you like.

Big Game Fishing Reels

If big game is your style, our Big Game fishing reels are sure to suit your fancy. Our Penn Graph-lite Lever Drag and Penn International Big Game Reels are typically light weight yet very sturdy and come with 2-speeds.

If you prefer a drag reel, then these Big Game Fishing Reels are perfect for you. Another Big Game Reel worth mentioning is the Shimano Tiagra. Shimano Reels are some of the best on the market, and their Big Game Fishing Reels are no exception.

Pretty much every true fisherman needs a Big Game Reel to round out their collection of Fishing Reels . If Big Game isn't your style however, you'll surely find something else in our entire collection of Fishing Reels.

Conventional Fishing Reels

Conventional fishing reels are good, all-purpose reels that are great for Saltwater Fishing. Typically offered as Leverdrag reels by Penn, conventional reels are always a great choice. Penn Conventional Fishing Reels include the Penn Graphite Levelwind, Penn International Torque, Penn Saltwater Casting, and Penn Seantor.

Shimano also offers a graet selection of Conventional Fishing Reels. The shimano Charter Special, Shimano Tekota, Shimano Torium, and Shimano Trinidad are awesome Conventional Fishing Reels . In addition to Conventional Reels, we also offer a wide line of Shimano Reels as well as many other Fishing Reels.

Lever Drag Reels

A step up from conventional reels, Lever Drag fishing reels can best be described as a combination of power and elegance. As smooth as silk, Lever Drag reels will out-perform the competition all day long. Penn Lever Drag reels are some of the best options out there. If you don't go with a Penn Lever Drag reel, the next best option is a Shimano Lever Drag

Shimano's Lever Drag reels include the Shimano TLD, Torsa, and Tyronos. If Shimano Lever Drag reels aren't your style, check out our full line of Shimano Reels.

Also, if one of our 21 Lever Drag Reels doesn't suit you, be sure to preview our entire line of Fishing Reels.

Reels under $100

High quality fishing reels from various manufacturers that sell for less then $100. Whether you need a spinning reel, a baicasting reel or a conventional reel, the reels in this category will provide a great bang for your buck and will provide many days of fishing fun.

Spinning Reels

Another great all purpose reel: Spinning Reels. Spinning reels are by far one of the most popular fishing reels available on the market today. Their ease of use in conjunction with their great prices make Spinning Reels a great choice.

Our Collection of Spinning Reels is a monster 59 reels deep. With spinning reels as low as $49.95, you really can't go wrong here!

If Spinning Reels isn't your bag, be sure to check out our entire line of Fishing Reels. Another impressive collection is our range of Shimano Reels .

Fishing Reels by Model

Browse our comprehensive selection of Fishing Reels - we carry a wide variety of Ambassadeur Fishing Reels, Penn Fishing Reels, Shakespeare Fishing Reels, and Shimano Fishing Reels.

We feature Penn International Big Game Fishing Reels, the amazing Penn Torque Fishing Reels - big Power in a small package - plus old reliables like the hard-working Penn Senator Fishing Reels and Penn Spinfisher Fishing Reels - a staple on the beach. We also feature a large inventory of additional Penn Fishing Reel Models.

Our Ambassadeur line includes everything from the compact Ambassadeur 4600 Fishing Reels all the way up to the Ambassadeur 10000 Big Game Fishing Reel.

If you're looking for inexpensive Fishing Reels, our line of Shakespeare Fishing Reels includes the Shakespeare Arsenal series of conventional Fishing Reels, and the Shakespeare Alpha Bigwater, Shakespeare Encore Bigwater, and Shakespeare Tidewater SS Spinning Reels, all economically priced.

Our Shimano offerings include the reliable Shimano Calcutta family of baitcasting Fishing Reels, along with the Shimano Corvalis Baitcasting Fishing Reels. Conventional reels are well represented with the Shimano Tekota and Shimano Torium Fishing Reels, on up to the Shimano Trinidad and Shimano Torsa Fishing Reels, and the incredible Shimano Tiagra Series of Big Game Fishing Reels. For Spinning Reels, we carry the Shimano Spheros, Shimano Stradic, and Shimano Sustain lines of Fishing Reels - all super-smooth, seasoned performers that continue to offer years of reliable performance. We also offer a large inventory of additional Shimano Fishing Reel Models.

You can also browse Fishing Reels by Type.

Fishing Reel Accessories

Popular Fishing Reel accessories no serious angler should be without!

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