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Acme Lures

Acme has been producing fine fishing lures since 1952. Acme Fishing Lures boast sturdy construction, jewelry quality finish, and incredibly lifelike action. Acme Fishing Lures makes the popular Sidewinder and Kastmaster lines of fishing lures - favorites of fishermen everywhere!

Aftco Bluewater Clothing

Aftco Bluewater Clothing makes the popular and durable Bluewater Traditional 7 Pocket Short - cut for comfort and designed for the most demanding of wear. The Aftco Bluewater is the most functional and best known fisherman's short in the world.

Aftco Manufacturing

AFTCO has produced the world's finest fishing rod components and accessories for over 45 years. AFTCO has established itself as a leader in the sportsfishing industry, thanks to its many product innovations, intensive focus on quality, and extensive commitment to conservation.

Ambassadeur Reels

Ambassadeur produces high quality fishing reels well known for their long-term durability, attention to detail, and superior design and performance. Ambassadeur's offerings include the compact Ambassadeur 4600 Fishing Reel on up to the Ambassadeur 10000 Big Game Fishing Reel.

American Fishing Wire

American Fishing Wire's quality far exceeds the competition, and is a proven performer when matched against the powerful bite of big toothy fish. No matter what the catch, American Fishing Wire can help reel it in with a wide assortment of trolling wire, fishing leaders, Hi-Seas Fishing Line, and fishing accessories and tools.

Atom Lures

Atom Fishing Lures have been catching stripers on the surface with plugs since the 1940's.


Berkley manufactures a wide array of products for today's fisherman, including the Berkley Gulp Alive, Berkley Big Game, and Berkley Trilene lines of products. Berkley was founded in 1937 and continues a rich tradition of quality, innovation, and commitment to the angling community.

Bomber Lures

The hi-tech composition of Bomber Saltwater lures ensures nothing will stand between you and your trophy catch. The Bomber A-Salt Heavy Duty Lure series will hold up to the toughest game fish so let the saltwater fish chomp away without having to worry about your fishing bait holding up.

Calcutta Fishing Tackle

Calcutta fishing products have been carefully developed to perform in any environment and under any fishing conditions. Calcutta offers a wide range of quality fishing tackle and accessories including, sunglasses, hook removers, fishing tools, headgear, utility box carriers, tackle binders, and a whole lot more...

Calstar Blanks

Calstar fishing blanks have set the standard for serious saltwater anglers and rod builders the world over. Calstar offers fiberglas and Grafighter blanks to suit the rod builder's specific needs, delivering durability, strength, and performance under any and all fishing conditions.

Dexter Knives

Dexter is the oldest and largest knife manufacturer in the United States. Established in Southbridge, Massachusetts in 1818, Dexter boasts an incomparable history of excellence in both workmanship and materials - a long tradition of quality and durability that continues to this day.

E-Z Out-Rodder

E-Z OutRodder manufactures bunker spoons and the amazing E-Z OutRodder itself. Unlike standard Rod holders which are fixed in a horizontal position, the E-Z OutRodder is hinged and can be lifted into an upright vertical position with ease - no more struggling to remove your rod!

Fin Strike

Fin Strike manufactures a wide assortment of high quality rigs and lures known for delivering outstanding results under all fishing conditions. Fin Strike rigs and lures continue to be the favorite choice of both novice and seasoned angler alike - don't go fishing without Fin Strike!


Flexcoat continues its tradition of providing rod builders with the latest advances in rod building technology. Professional and hobby rod builders alike appreciate Flexcoat's comprehensive line of high quality rod building glues, finishes, and accessories.


Years of research and development of advanced materials and construction techniques have made Fuji Guides among the best in the world. Fuji offers the rod builder a comprehensive line of guides for every application including spinning guides, conventional guides, and heavy duty guides.

Gamakatsu Hooks

Gamakatsu is one of the leading fishing hook manufacturers in the world, dedicated to the continuous research and development of highly effective, super-sharp fishing hooks for serious fishermen the world over. Gamakatsu - sharpness redefined!

Gator Glass Blanks

Gator Glass delivers rod building blanks that offer the rod builder an economic alternative to some of the more expensive blanks on the market. Gator Glass blanks are made from durable black fiberglass, stand up to heavy abuse, and are almost unbreakable. Gator Glass Blanks - made-in-the-USA Tough!

Glacier Gloves

Glacier Neoprene Gloves keep your hands warm with its fleece lined 2mm neoprene but with the thin yet warm neoprene maintains dexterity. Glacier gloves are a must have item of clothing on those cold winter fishing trips.

Grunden Foul Weather Gear

Grundens Foul Weather Gear is well known for its rugged and reliable performance within the commercial and recreational fishing industries. Discover what many other fisherman already know - Grundens is simply the best foul weather gear on the market today. Grundens - The professional choice in foul weather gear since 1926.

Gudebrod Thread

Gudebrod manufactures a comprehensive line of rod building threads in an incredible array of colors and styles. Gudebod is well known for the quality of its products and is the number one choice of both hobbyist and professional rod builder alike. Gudebrod - The right thread for the job!

Hi-Seas Products

Hi-Seas has been providing the serious angler with the finest lines, rigging materials, and fishing accessories for over twenty five years. Hi-Seas' relentless pursuit of excellence has resulted in a product line designed to exceed expectations under even the most demanding of fishing conditions.

Jinkai Line

What makes Jinkai Lines different than the competition? Jinkai lines are created using patented extrusion technologies, making Jinkai line super-sensitive and ultra-responsive, while at the same time exhibiting outstanding strength and abrasion resistance in even the finest of diameters.

Johnson Spoons

Johnson's line of Sprite Spoons deliver an unusual girating wobble that attracts fish by transmitting a nonstop rush of vibrations through the water. Johnson's Sprite Spoons resist twisting and crimping, and won't weaken fishing line in any way.

Lamiglas Blanks

Lamiglas rod building blanks use the latest in high-tech materials to deliver the ultimate in sensitivity and strength. Over fifty years of excellence goes into each and every Lamiglas rod building blank, and an incredibly wide selection ensures the perfect blank for every rod building project.

Marathon Lures

Marathon Fishing Lures are high quality lures in various styles.

Momoi Fishing Supplies

Momoi line is the only choice for anglers operating under extreme conditions! Momoi's tough line finish ensures excellent abrasion resistance and higher tensile strengths, along with superior knot strength. Momoi manufactures both line and leader in a variety of convenient spool sizes.

Mustad Hooks

Mustad has been the world's largest manufacturer of high quality fishing hooks for over 100 years and is the #1 selling brand of fishing hook on the market today. Mustad offers the angler an absolutely overwhelming variety of fishing hooks to suit any and all fishing conditions.

Old Harbor Outfitters

Old Harbor Outfitters offers innovative fishing gear and accessories envisioned, designed, and manufactured by fishermen for fishermen. Old Harbor Outfitters' products are professionally engineered and rigorously tested to ensure they won't fail when they're needed the most - in the field!

Owner Hooks

Owner has devoted the better part of a decade to developing a line of high quality, high performance fishing hooks that are second to none in popularity among both fresh and saltwater anglers. Owner offers a wide assortment of innovative products, including the amazing Owner Dancing Stinger series of fishing hooks.

Pacific Bay Components

Pacific Bay Rod Building Components

We carry all Pacific Bay Rod Building supplies, including Pac Bay Blanks, Pac Bay Butts, Pac Bay Butt Caps, Pac Bay Gimbals, Pac Bay Grips, Pac Bay Guides, Pac Bay Reel Seats, Pac Bay Tops, and more! Take a look at all these Pacific Bay Rod Building Components, and be sure to check out our Rod Building category, complete with Rod Building Kits!

Penn Fishing Tackle

Penn offers fishing reels that hold up under severe environmental conditions, while delivering high performance and rugged durability at the same time. The Penn Senator, Penn Spinfisher, Penn Torque, and Penn International series of reels - among many others in Penn's comprehensive lineup - are proven favorites worthy of any angler's attention.


Plano's line of tackle boxes is both high in quality and wide in selection. Plano offers tackle boxes and utility boxes to suit the needs of any angler and any circumstance. From single tray to multiple rack systems - Plano has the tackle box that's right for your needs.

Power Pro Line

Power Pro Braid is made with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber, then further enhanced using Powerpro's patented Body Technology to create an amazingly round, silky-smooth, super-sensitive line. PowerPro Braid outperforms both monofilament lines and other braided superlines under all circumstances and conditions.

Sea Isle Custom Rod

Sea Isle has been building Custom Fishing Rods to perfection for almost fifty years. Thousands upon thousands of satisfied clients have benefited from owning what is arguably the finest Custom Fishing Rod the industry has to offer. A Sea Isle Custom Fishing Rod is the ultimate in fishing tackle for the serious angler.

Sea Isle Tackle

Sea Isle offers its own quality line of fine fishing tackle including gafflines, block & tackle, several lengths of safety lines, and Sea Isle's infamous Killer Fluke Rigs - murderously effective hi-lo rigs designed with one thing in mind - catching big fish!

Sea Striker

Sea Striker specializes in manufacturing high quality terminal tackle for both inshore and offshore fishing. Sea Striker's offerings includes the Billfisher line of swivels and crimping sleeves, the Got-Cha series of Jigs, and the Shur Strike series of bucktail casting spoons.

Seaguar Fluorocarbon

Seaguar's Fluorocarbon Leader Material is a fast-sinking, low visibility material that is preferred by professional fisherman all over the world. Seaguar's Fluorocarbon Leader Material is impervious to ultra-violet rays, and offers outstanding abrasion resistance and knot strength.

Sebile Lures

SEBILE is not a typical company that produces common styles or copies currently popular tackle as others in the industry do; but SEBILE researches, tests and offers anglers unique products that are one-of-a-kind Fishing Lures. Patrick Sebile founded SEBILE USA in 2006 and since then, SEBILE has distinguished itself by winning a total of seven international tackle trade show awards. Awards do not make a lure great but SEBILE Lures also catch fish and are made from only top quality components. When that catch of a lifetime is hooked on a SEBILE Lure it will surely be landed.

Servus Boots

Servus offers outdoors boots of uncompromising quality and value. The Servus Model 101 features a deck grip outsole and is perfect for use on slippery decks, while the Servus Model 74928 is a reinforced waterproof design designed to keep the angler perfectly dry.

Sevenstrand Lures

7Strand is proud of its reputation as an industry leader. The Sevenstrand team is devoted to manufacturing the best quality trolling lures and terminal tackle on the market today. Fish 7Strand lures and enjoy bent rods and tight lines every time!


If you're looking for inexpensive Fishing Reels, Sea Isle's line of Shakespeare Fishing Reels includes the Shakespeare Arsenal series of conventional Fishing Reels, and the Shakespeare Alpha Bigwater, Shakespeare Encore Bigwater, and Shakespeare Tidewater SS Spinning Reels, all economically priced.


Engineering prowess, technical know-how, and attention to detail have always been the hallmark of Shimano. With a reel for every angling need, Shimano's outstanding selection of fishing reels delivers quality, performance, and long-term durability. Sea Isle offers the best of the best from Shimano including the Calcutta, Curado, Stradic, Tekota, Torium, and Tiagra lines of fishing reels.

Skip's Custom Lures

Skip's Custom Lures are well known in the Northeast and are a favorite choice of anglers when fishing for bottom species - especially fluke! Skip's Custom Lures offers well made Chrome Bullets, Bucktail Teasers, and Skirted Tornados, all featuring high quality Gamakatsu or Mustad Hooks.

Spiderwire Braided Line

Spiderwire Line offers incredible signal transmission qualities and, compared to standard monofilament, is super-strong at amazingly small diameters. In fact, Spiderwire is a full 3 to 5 times thinner than standard monofilaments of comparable tensile strength! Spiderwire - Nothing Gets Away!


Spro has one goal in mind when developing each and every one of their products - They must catch fish! Spro's line includes Bucktail Jigs, Power Swivels, Ball Bearing Snap Swivels, Adjustable Bait Rigs, and a whole lot more. Spro - Catch more fish!

Storm Lures

Storm Lures is dedicated to getting into the mind of the fish and producing capable, high quality lures based on how he thinks - like the lethally effective Storm Wildeye Swim Shad. Storm Lures - Always think like a fish, no matter how weird it gets!


Super Lube's line of Synthetic Greases and Oil Lubricants are designed for an endless array of applications. Super lube products protect your reels and other gear against friction, wear, rust, and corrosion - no fisherman should be without them!

Trondak U40

For nearly a quarter of a century, Trondak has been leading the way in rod building products with dedication and innovation in the area of polymer technology. Trondak is responsible for the popular U-40 line, including PermaGloss Urethane Finish, Cork Sealer, and Color Lock Preserver.

Tsunami Products

Tsunami products makes a wide range of products from Fishing Lures to Fishing Rods. Tsunami Rods are some the most innovative rods on the market today and range from tuna rods to the lightest bay rod plus are very reasonably priced. So whether it is a Fishing Rod, Fishing Lure or Fishing Tool, Tsunami makes a product for your every fishing need.

Ultimate Fish Scaler

The Ultimate Electric Fish Scaler was designed to make the fish scaling process enjoyable. The unit removes the scales from any size fish without damaging its skin.

Water Gremlin

Water Gremlin Fishing sinkers are uniquely American-Designed and built to make fishing easier and more productive! Water Gremlin has been America's favorite fishing sinker since 1949 and produces the popular Green Split Shot and Rubbercor Sinker lines.

XtraTuf Boots

XTRATUF boots are 100% waterproof with seamless, flexible, hand-layered construction and feature triple-dipped shells for extra tough, extra watertight protection. This translates to all-day comfort and protection in all fishing conditions. XTRATUF boots are available in both insulated and non-insulated versions.

Yo-Zuri Lures & Line

For over 50 years, Yo-Zuri has been the world's leading manufacturer of quality lures and fishing lines. Yo-Zuri products are known worldwide as the most innovative and effective of their kind, and experienced anglers continue rely on Yo-Zuri lures and fishing lines year after year.

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