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Sea Isle carries a comprehensive selection of footwear, foul weather gear and accessories, gloves, hats, shirts, shorts, and sunglasses by Ranger, Servus, Shimano, Xtratuf, Grundens, Old Harbor Outfitters, Hi-Seas, Aftco, and Calcutta.


Sea Isle - the angler's clothing source! Our selection of fisherman's footwear includes Shimano's comfortable Evair line of sandals and deck boots, Ranger's Insulated Rubber Boots, Servus' deck-gripping Rubber Boots, and XTRATUF's Neoprene Boots - industry favorites available in both insulated and non-insulated versions.

Foul Weather Accessories

Sea Isle carries popular clothing accessories to go with your Grundens Foul Weather Gear, including Grundens' Neoprene Cuffs, Grundens' Aprons, Grundens' Replacement Suspenders, Grundens' Aquaseal repair kit, and Grundens' Sandhamn Hat - a rugged, waterproof hat that's ready for the worst of weather.

Foul Weather Gear

Looking for the Ultimate in foul weather gear and clothing? Grundens leads the industry with its Brigg, Clipper, Herkules, Petrus, and Windjammer lines of foul weather protection. Grundens' Brigg hooded jackets are designed to allow unrestricted movement while delivering heavy duty protection at the same time. Grundens' Clipper series offers medium weight bib pants and hooded jackets that remain flexible in extremely cold temperatures. Grundens' Herkules series is the perfect choice when tough, heavy duty protection is called for. Grundens' Petrus foul weather tops and bottoms deliver excellent protection at a medium weight. Grundens' Windjammer series is almost completely windproof while remaining breathable at the same time.


Aftco's amazing Bluefever Short-Pump, Release, and Wire-Max line of Gloves combine advanced clothing designs and high-tech materials to deliver comfort, functionality, and long-term durability. Aftco's Bluefever Short-Pump Gloves feature half-fingers that protect the hands, while maintaining a sensitive feel for rigging and tying. Aftco's Bluefever Release Gloves offer superior protection and extra-tacky polyurethane gripping. Aftco's Bluefever Wire-Max Gloves deliver the ultimate in protection for leadering really big fish.


Sea Isle carries clothing to suit the fisherman's needs including Old Harbor Outfitters' Block Island Shirts, Old Harbor Outfitters' Grand Bahama Fishing Shirts, Old Harbor Outfitters' Hydro Performance Shirts, Old Harbor Outfitters' Marsh Harbour Shirts, and Old Harbor Outfitters' Thresher Shirts.


Good fishing shorts are specially designed clothing for fishing and include multiple pockets for specialty tools and accessories. Sea Isle carries models from both Aftco and Old Harbor Outfitters, including Aftco's Traditional 7 Pocket Short, and Old Harbor Outfitter's Cyclone and Storm series of fighting shorts.


It's not an option - Fishermen need good sunglasses - they're like clothing for the eyes. Sea Isle carries Calcutta Sunglasses, with their superior optics and wider range of vision, and Old Harbor Outfitters Sunglasses, offering the amazing Beneath the Surface lens technology - allowing fishermen to see deeper into the water than ever before.

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