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Oils and Greases

No fishing accessories list is complete without oils and greases! Sea Isle offers oils and greases by Penn including Penn Lubricant, Penn Precision Grease, and Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner. Our line of Super Lube products includes Super Lube Grease, Super Lube Oil, and Super Lube Spray. We also offer WD-40 products, including WD-40 3 in One Oil and WD-40 Multi-Purpose Spray.

Your Price: $6.99

Your Price: $1.99

Item #: PEL-12OZCLNCS6
Your Price: $9.95

Your Price: $19.95

Item #: PEL-2OZGSESD12
Your Price: $4.99

Your Price: $4.99

Item #: SUL-21011
Your Price: $4.99

Item #: SUL-21031
Your Price: $7.99

Item #: SUL-41161
Your Price: $16.99

Item #: SUL-51011
Your Price: $4.99

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