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Pliers, Knives & Tools

Sea Isle offers the right tool for the job with our complete selection of crimping and twisting tools, cable cutters, pliers, dehookers, lip grips, scales, hook sharpeners, knives, knife sharpeners, and sheaths from American Fishing Wire, Angler's Choice, Arc, Berkley, Calcutta, Dexter, Tournament Cable, Hi-Seas, Old Harbor Outfitters, Profish, Sea Striker, Shimano, and X-Tools.

AFW Tools

American Fishing Wire offers a variety of high quality fishing tools for the serious angler including American Fishing Wire's Crimp Tools, American Fishing Wire's Haywire Twist tool, and American Fishing Wire's professional Cable cutter.

Berkley Pliers & Tools

Berkley's line of Pliers and fishing tools includes Berkley's Pliers, Clippers, Scales and Lights. These Berkley tool are innovative and of the highest quality from the Floating Braid Clipper to the 7" Aluminum Pliers.


Calcutta manufactures unique, hard-to-find fishing tools such as the Calcutta Hook Remover, the Calcutta Pistol Grip Long Nose Plier, the Calcutta Ultra Grip Long Nose Plier, and the Calcutta Ultra Grip Super Tool.

Dexter Knives

Dexter is the oldest and largest knife manufacturer in the United States. Dexter offers a comprehensive line of knives, sharpeners, and fishing tools. Dexter knives are made from high quality materials and manufactured using the latest advanced processes.

Hay-Wire Twist Tool

Tournament Cable produces Hay-Wire Twist Machines - the only fishing tools that will form a perfect haywire twist in all sizes of wire - #2 to #22 - and break the tag end off cleanly with no burr. Tournament Cable also makes the Tournament Cable Loop Forming Tool - Perfect for forming loops in wire.

Hi-Seas Tools

Hi-Seas offers fishing tools the seasoned angler can depend on, including the Hi-Seas Crimper and Hi-Seas Mono Cutter. The Hi-Seas Crimper is a reliable, well constructed swager that will offer many years of reliable service.

Knife Sharpeners

Keep your knives razor sharp with knife sharpeners and fishing tools from Dexter! Dexters line includes the Dexter Bench Oil Stone, the Dexter 3 Rod Ceramic Knife Sharpener, the Dexter Edge-1 sharpener, the Dexter Edge-2 Two Stage Sharpener, and the Dexter KE-3000 Electric Knife Sharpener.

OHO Knives & Tools

Old Harbor Outfitters offers innovative fishing gear and fishing tools envisioned, designed, and manufactured by fishermen for fishermen. Old Harbor Outfitters diverse line includes knives, shears, and snips of exceptional quality and durability.

Sea Striker Tools

Sea Striker's line of fishing tools addresses the needs of both beginning and veteran anglers alike. Sea Striker's lineup includes hand and bench crimping and swaging tools, needle nose pliers, Sport pliers, and the Sea Striker Krok Series of multi-function Pliers.


Sheath your valuable fishing tools and keep them safe and within easy reach! Sea Isle offers a variety of high quality sheaths from Sea Striker, Dexter, Angler's Choice, Shimano, and XTools.

Tsunami Pliers & Tools

Tsunami fishing tools are reasonably priced but offer the features and quality of higher priced equipment.

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