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Fuji Guides by Ring

View the Fuji Rod Building Guides by ring material in this section. Fuji Guides are available in many different frame styles and ring materials for every fishing situation. For a complete listing and description of the ring materials available please view our Fuji Ring Material description page.

Fuji Alconite Ring Guides

The Fuji Alconite Ring offers some of the great characteristics of SiC Fuji Guides but at a much more affordable price. Fuji Alconite Rings feature favorable compression characteristics, light weight and the ability to polish almost as smooth as SiC Rings plus have rich Black Finish. Fuji Alconite rings are tough and can be made in a smaller ring thickness resulting in a 7% weight saving over a comparable set of SiC guides. Fuji Alconite Guides are available in a large array of frame styles including the Lightweight Concept Guides which can offer a 35% saving in weight.

Fuji SiC Ring Guides

Fuji's Silicon Carbide Ring is the world standard for durability, polish and hardness and Fuji Guides with the SiC Ring are considered the top of the line. It is unaffected by the most the most abrasive lines and dependable through the toughest and longest fishing battles. The Fuji Guide SiC Ring is real world tested and proven superior under the most extreme conditions.

Fuji SiN Ring Guides

Silicon Nitride Ring is the winner when it comes to its ability to take the heat and abrasion dished out by extreme saltwater conditions and long runs with tight drags. Since SiN was originally as a ball bearing material in jet engines it can handle just about anything and is perfect for Wire Line trolling. The SiN rings are slightly heavier and larger in diameter than other rings to maintain the rugged specifications that makes Fuji Guides with SiN rings the perfect choice for heavy duty boat or offshore rods.

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