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Shimano Tekota 800LC - Line Counter
Shimano Tekota 800LC - Line Counter

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Item #: SHI-TEK-800LC

Shimano Tekota 800LC - Line Counter

Words that come to mind with the Shimano Tekota are Durable, Reliable, Good Looking plus the line counter gives an accurate reading of your depth. Its features include a Diecast Aluminum Frame, Stamped Aluminum Right Sideplate, Aluminum Braced Graphite Non-Handle Side Plate, Aluminum Spool, Rod Clamp, A-RB, Super Stopper, Assist Stopper, Dartainium Drag, Oversized Cast Control Knob, Oversized Clicker Button, Septon handle grip, Non-Disengaging Levelwind, Crossbar Forward Design, and a Metal Series Frame.. This Shimano Tekota also features a built-in line counter so you can return to the same depth every time.

Shimano Tekota 800LC - Line Counter Specifications
Ratio Line Retrieve
Max Drag
4.2:1 33 25/530
24 31.0 3 BB, 1 RB
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