Ring Material Descriptions for Fuji Guides


Fuji’s Silicon Carbide Ring is the world standard for durability, polish and hardness. It is unaffected by the most abrasive lines and dependable through the toughest fishing situations. Battle tested and proven superior under the most extreme conditions. SiC is offered in most of Fuji’s better frame materials including  Titanium, Titanium Plated, Black, Polished and Gunsmoke Stainless and all popular frame styles including Fuji’s all new K-Series.  For the ultimate in guide performance and durability, 100% Titanium Frame K-Series guides with SiC Rings are the ultimate combination!



Silicon Nitride is the winner when it comes to its ability to take the heat and abrasion dished out by extreme saltwater conditions and long screaming runs against tight drags. Use originally as a ball bearing material in jet engines, SiN can handle just about anything including wire line. SiN rings are slightly heavier and  larger in diameter than other rings to maintain the rugged specifications that make them the perfect choice for heavy duty boat or offshore rods.



Fuji’s ALCONITE® Ring has quickly become a close alternative to SiC thanks to it’s favorable compression characteristics, light weight and ability to polish almost as smooth as SiC – all at an affordable price. Alconite® is tough enough to perform exceptionally well in a smaller ring diameter and as a result offers a 7% weight savings over the same set-up in SiC. Lightweight Concept Guides™ with ALCONITE® Rings can offer a 35% savings in weight while actually adding strength.  The rich, black finish of ALCONITE®, coupled with superior performance at an affordable price, makes it the number one choice of some of the worlds leading rod manufacturers.



HARDLOY® is a top performer for avid users thanks to a high-grade ceramic blend of Aluminum Oxide that makes it stronger, more durable. and better able to dissipate heat than Aluminum Oxide alone.  Very affordable and still the top choice of many builders looking for top performance at reasonable prices. Great for Boat rods and heavy duty applications and available in many frame styles. It is currently the only ring offered in gold finish.