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 Penn Reels

Penn Conventional Reels

Penn Spinning Reels

Penn Conventional Reels

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About Penn Reels

Penn Reel is the most iconic name in the Fishing Tackle industry and the company was founded in 1932 with the philosophy of building a quality product and only adding innovations that truly improve the product. With these principles, Penn Reels created some of the most renowned models that are still well respected products today – Penn International and Penn Senator to just name a few. Although the company went through some management issues in the latter part of the 20th century, it is now under new ownership and is producing new products with superior quality and 21st century technology. Some of the new innovative products now being produced by Penn Reels are the Penn Torque with its incredible power and drag range in a compact lightweight package along with the Penn Conquer Spinning that has a quick access maintenance door for easy cleaning and lubrication. Penn Quality and Reliability are once again the guiding principles at the company and the new models are some of the best Penn Reels ever produced.

Types of Penn Reels

Penn Conventional Reels

Penn Reels makes a wide range of conventional reels for almost every possible fishing need from the basic Level Wind 9M model up to the Big Game Lever Drag Penn International. They also have many innovative models such as the Torque and Squall series plus the New Fathom Star Drag Reels that provide the power of a conventional reel with casting ability of a Baitcasting Reel.

Penn Spinning Reels

Penn Reels makes some of the toughest spinning reels in the market today. Whether it is the Large Powerful Penn 950SSm to catch Game Fish or the Ultra Light Penn SSg series, there is a Penn Spinning Reel for any fishing situation. Penn Reels has also made a big push back to the Metal Frame Spinning Reel with the Battle, Sargus and Fierce. These models provide the strength and alignment to fight large fish but at a price for even the most budget minded angler.

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