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_Fishing Accessories

Sea Isle carries a wide range of accessories for the angler including hardware, motion sickness remedies, oils and greases, rod holders, scales, hook sharpeners, and safety lines by Wichard, Quease Ease, Old Harbor Outfitters, Penn, Super Lube, E-Z Outrodder, Calcutta, Berkley, Shimano, and Sea Isle.

Cold Weather Supplies

Various supplies for cold weather fishing. Hand warmers, gloves and hats are some of the items in this category.

Latex (Surgical) Tubing

Latex tubing is great for making your own fishing lures, fishing jigs or fishing teasers. This tubing also known as Surgical Tubing is durable and available in many colors.

OHO Accessories

Old Harbor Outfitters offers innovative fishing gear and fishing accessories envisioned, designed, and manufactured by fishermen for fishermen. Old Harbor Outfitters' products are professionally engineered and rigorously tested to ensure they won't fail when they're needed the most - in the field!

Oils and Greases

No fishing accessories list is complete without oils and greases! Sea Isle offers oils and greases by Penn including Penn Lubricant, Penn Precision Grease, and Penn Rod and Reel Cleaner. Our line of Super Lube products includes Super Lube Grease, Super Lube Oil, and Super Lube Spray. We also offer WD-40 products, including WD-40 3 in One Oil and WD-40 Multi-Purpose Spray.

Rod Holders

E-Z OutRodder manufactures fishing accessories including the amazing E-Z OutRodder itself. Unlike standard Rod holders which are fixed in a horizontal position, the E-Z OutRodder is hinged and can be lifted into an upright vertical position with ease - no more struggling to remove your rod!

Scales & Hook Sharpeners

Sea Isle offers a comprehensive assortment of popular fishing accessories. Sea Isle's selection of scales and hook sharpeners includes Calcutta's simple-to-use Double Sided Hook File, Berkley's Pocket Hook Sharpener, Berkley's TEC Digital Fish Scales, and Shimano's durable 20 Lb and 100 Lb Scales.

Sea Isle

Don't lose your valuable rod and reel! Recover them quickly and easily with Sea Isle's Safety Line - an essential addition to your fishing accessories list! Available in 6 and 15 foot lengths with either brass or stainless steel clips. Sea Isle has been making quality fishing tackle for almost fifty years.

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