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Penn Spinfisher V Spinfisher V Logo Penn Spinfisher V Liveliner

Penn Spinfisher V Features

The new Penn Spinfisher V is the 5th generation of the venerable Spinfisher series of spinning reels and coincidentally 2013 marks the 50 Year Anniversary of the Green Spinfisher series introduction.  After the Green Spinfisher was introduced it quickly became acknowledged as the toughest spinning reel the world has ever known and the new Spinfisher V is built on that same tradition. Penn took the tradition of making it tough and added many new high tech features to make a reel that is tough enough to catch any gamefish in the ocean while maintaining a lightweight and super smooth action. Below is a list of the many impressive features found in the new Spinfisher V reels.

Water Proof Icon

The Penn Spinfisher V has a new water tight design so you don’t have to worry about saltwater getting into the gearbox or drag system. Utilizing a total of 6 seals on standard Spinfisher and 9 seals on the Spinfisher Liver Liner you do not have to worry if you dunk you reel in the surf, or let it ride in the spray all the way home.

Slammer Drag

The Spinfisher V’s Slammer Drag provides extreme range, endless adjustment plus a large diameter drag knob allows you to easily crank down to max drag. The Slammer Drag is a truly sealed drag system with a total of 3 HT-100 drag washers (1 on the top of the spool, 2 underneath the spool) plus they are greased for smoothness and longevity. Plenty of fish stopping power with any size Spinfisher V.

Infinite Anti-Reverse


The Spinfisher V has an Infinite Anti-Reverse bearing that provides sold hook sets and compliments the Slammer Drag. The larger size reels (SSV7500 and up) have an additional ratchet backup to handle any game fish in the ocean.

Full Metal Body Icon

The Penn Spinfisher V features a full metal body and sideplate on all models plus the new thicker heavy duty aluminum bail wire adds strength and durability.  Whether you using the small SSV4500 Spinfisher or the large SSV9500 Spinfisher you rests assured the gears will always be in alignment no matter how much pressure you put on it.



The Spinfisher V has a Techno-Balanced Rotor that is perfectly balanced to provide a super smooth and wobble free retrieve. With the balanced rotor you can retrieve line as slow or as fast as you want and the Spinfisher V will not have any wobble or vibration.

Braid Ready Icon

The Spinfisher V was designed from day one to use Braided Lines. The spools has a rubber gasket that keeps braided superline  from slipping on the spool so you can fill the entire spool with braid and be assured that you are getting the full power from the Slammer Drag System.

Line Capacity Ring

The Spinfisher V aluminum spool has three lines on the spool flange so you know if you have 1/3, 2/3 or a full spool of line. With Line Capacity Rings you always know exactly how much line is on the spool – No more guessing!

Live Liner

Penn makes three models of the Spinfisher V with the Live Liner Drag system which is the perfect feature for serious live bait fisherman.  Simply pull the Live Liner switch back and the front drag disengages and runs off the Live Liner drag which is has a much lighter adjustable drag pressure.  This allows the bait to swim free but when the fish strikes you simply start cranking the handle and the Live Liner drag disengages, the front drag engages, and you’re tight on your fish.

Penn Slammer V Spinning Upclose Look Video

Penn Slammer V Spinning Reel Models

Penn SSV4500Penn Spinfisher V SSV4500 Penn SSV5500 Spinning ReelPenn Spinfisher V SSV5500 Penn SSV6500 Spinning ReelPenn Spinfisher V SSV6500
Penn Spinfisher V SSV7500Penn Spinfisher V SSV7500 Penn Spinfisher V SSV8500Penn Spinfisher V SSV8500 Penn Spinfisher V SSV9500Penn Spinfisher V SSV9500

Penn Spinfisher V Live Liner SSV4500LLPenn Spinfisher V Live Liner

Penn Spinfisher V Live Liner SSV6500LLPenn Spinfisher V Live Liner
Penn Spinfisher V Live Liner SSV8500LLPenn Spinfisher V Live Liner
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