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About Shimano Reels

Shimano produces some of the most innovative and high tech reels on the market today. Shimano reel innovations have created entire new categories of reels such as the small graphite lever drag with the Shimano TLD Lever Drags and free-spooling spinning reels with the Shimano BaitRunner. Shimano is now once again taking the lead by creating small powerful reels that can catch large gamefish on small reels with the Shimano Talica and the Shimano Torsa. Fill these reels with Power Pro Fishing Line and you can catch fish that once required heavy 50lb Big Game Fishing Reels. Whether you need a fishing reel for large gamefish or need a fishing reel for small wreck fish – Shimano makes a fishing reel for you.

Types of Shimano Reels

Baitcasting Shimano Reels

Shimano Baitcasting reels are lightweight and designed to cast and retrieve baits. They feature small compact sizes and are available in a low profile teardrop shape or a round more conventional shape. Shimano Baitcasting reels are available in many sizes and styles so it is easy to find the perfect Shimano Reel for your needs and budget.

  • Curado Shimano Reels - This low profile baitcaster has over two decades of performance and reliability in its design and the new version has all the newest technologies.

  • Calcutta Shimano Reels - This round baitcaster is a versatile, dependable high quality model that will give years of solid performance and is available in many sizes.

  • Calcutta TE Shimano Reels - This round baitcaster takes the Calcutta to the next level with a completely machine aluminum frame and Shimano's best technological advances.

  • Cardiff Shimano Reels - This round baitcaster is silky smooth with 5 ball bearings and lightweight diecast aluminum frame with prices starting at just over $100.

  • Corvalus Shimano Reels - This round baitcaster is a customer favorite with all its great features such as Super Stopper Anti-Reverse but with prices starting at $79.95.

Conventional Shimano Reels

Shimano Conventional reels are tough powerful reels that can battle large fish without skipping a beat and will withstand years of hard catches without problems. Shimano Conventional reels are available in many styles and price ranges from the Super Fast and Powerful Shimano Trinidad to the Ultra-Affordable and Durable Shimano Trition Level Wind.

  • Trinidad Shimano Reels - This is the best of the best in a star drag conventional reels and the new Trinidad model is Stronger and Lighter in weight plus has a improved corrosion resistant finish.

  • Torium Shimano Reels - The best features of a high end conventional reel but in a mid-priced model is exactly what the Torium models are - Hi-Speed, High Drag and Strong Frames.

  • Tekota Shimano Reels - With its durable construction, line capacity and a level wind the Tekota is workhorse reel with available line counter models.

  • TLD Star Shimano Reels - This hi-speed graphite frame reel is a great multi-purpose reels for jigging or bottom fishing.

  • Triton Level Wind Shimano Reels - This Shimano classic is a dependable, lightweight reel that can be used on a wide variety of species and is a great value at $69.95.

Lever Drag Shimano Reels

Shimano Lever Drag Reels differ from the standard conventional reel because they have a lever to control drag pressure instead of the standard star drag. With a lever to control the drag you know exactly have much drag is being applied and the drag can be adjusted while fighting fish. Depending on the stage of the battle you can increase or decrease the drag and know that you can always go back to the strike setting – No more losing fish because your line broke from too much drag. Shimano Lever Drag Reels are available in a wide range of sizes from the small light line Shimano Charter Special to the super powerful Big Game Shimano Tiagra.

  • Talica Shimano Reels - This small lightweight two-speed reel packs the power of larger big game reels allowing you to catch large gamefish.

  • Tiagra Shimano Reels - These reels are world renowned for their power and dependability and are the choice of many top offshore captains.

  • TLD Shimano Reels - Small lightweight graphite frames lever drags are a category that Shimano invented and these reels have powerful and smooth drags like their larger counterparts.

  • TLD 2-Speed Shimano Reels - These reels feature lightweight frames but pack big game features like carbon fiber drags and two-speed versatility.

  • Charter Special - Take a small level wind reel then add a lever drag and you get the Charter Special

  • Torsa Shimano Reels - This compact reel has High Speed, High Power is extremely castable and is great for many species from bottom fishing to big game.

  • Tyrnos Shimano Reels - These powerful high speed lever drag reels are available in single and two-speed version.

Spinning Shimano Reels

Shimano Spinning Reels are known as some of the smoothest and most powerful Spinning Reels on the market today. Shimano Spinning Reels also feature some of the most advanced features such as Propulsion Lip Spools, Paladin Gearing and X-Ship body designs. There are many styles of Shimano Spinning Reels for your needs and budget – Whether it the super sized Shimano BaitRunner or the small Shimano Sonora.

  • Baitrunner Shimano Reels - This revised version of the Shimano Classic adds some of the many high tech features that other Shimano models feature.

  • Stradic Shimano Reels -This improved model of the Shimano Classic is packed with an incredible amount of high tech features such as X-Ship.

  • Saros Shimano Reels - This spinning reel packs a lot of punch in a small package featuring Paladin Gearing and Propulsion Lip Spool.

  • Sonora Shimano Reels - This value packed model is a heavyweight when is comes to features with Propulsion and A-RB Bearings.

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